We are disheartened that Chuck E. Cheese would attempt to minimize our daughter’s condition. Our daughter has lupus. She recently had been released from a 3 month stay in the hospital and needs a wheelchair and assistance to help her function. It is shameful that Chuck E. Cheese attempts to discredit our daughter’s condition. As her father I helped her to the restroom out of her wheelchair. If Chuck E. Cheese released the video of us entering the establishment it will show our daughter in a wheelchair. Instead of being “transparent” they have introduced distractions to bully our family and avoid taking corporate responsibility. Shame on Chuck E. Cheese.

As a family we have reviewed Chuck E. Cheese’s (CEC) response to our petition and are looking forward to the opportunity to discuss with Chuck E. Cheese their addressing and implementing the following demands. 

Primary demands:

1.     Offer a public apology for the negligent behavior of the manager for not representing the inclusive image of the Chuck E. Cheese brand.


2.      Institute a mandate for a family restroom for all Chuck E. Cheese establishments.

-  The length of time the employee and manager wasted by debating when and how our 9 year old daughter can go to the bathroom created a hostile environment that could have been avoided had there been a family restroom.


3.      Implement a company policy that requires mandatory training for all employees on supporting the special needs community as customers.

The employee/manager’s experience with and as a member of the special needs community was not through Chuck E. Cheese and cannot be measured nor assessed. Chuck E. Cheese is responsible for proper training of its employees.

CEC Distracting Statement: “...the employee attempting to assist Mr. Eschoe and Marley is actually a member of the special needs community herself. In fact, prior to joining Chuck E. Cheese’s she worked for an Atlanta-based firm who helps those with disabilities find employment.”


4.      Continue transparency and provide the entire video footage including the audio.

CEC Commitment: “Chuck E. Cheese’s would like to be transparent about the events that actually occurred that day.”

The audio would expose the manager’s actual statements: "..I don't care if your daughter is Special Needs, I'm not going to treat her any differently than I do my other customers..."

The details of the amount of time the restroom was available after we were denied support and access as well as Marley being in a wheelchair at the party table and not at the bathroom door are mere distractions. The most important points of our demands are stated above; however, we are responding to each of Chuck E. Cheese’s non-policy related public responses:


-           Marley was in her wheelchair prior to her needing to go to the restroom. At no time was it stated otherwise.

-          CEC should release the video of Marley and I entering the establishment to confirm for the public that Marley was in fact in her wheelchair in their establishment.

Bathroom Access

-          The video shows my attempt to negotiate usage of the female bathroom at the time it was available and the male restroom was not (refer to video). I asked for the assistance and at that moment, Marley’s rights were violated. All subsequent activity and denial of access was created by the mishandling and untrained mismanagement of the onsite supervisor by arguing with me about how to get immediate access for my child.


-          The audio from the video omits the following dismissive, crude and disrespectful comments made by the 'senior supervisor' towards me with my daughter present. "..I don't care if your daughter is Special Needs, I'm not going to treat her any differently than I do my other customers..."


Manager’s Behavior

-          From the onset, the manager’s behavior was dismissive, crude, disrespectful and completely lacking of any basic customer service standards to myself and to Marley.

-          The manager’s behavior omitted any solution based management techniques which resulted in a customer assisting in coordinating another female customer to take Marley to the bathroom.

-          As a female, a manager, and an employee who could have made an accommodation by  standing near either restrooms with a pleasant attitude—the manager chose to threaten to call the police and stormed away as a solution.

-          The manager never glanced at the men’s restroom nor tried to find a safe and viable solution within her company’s existing standards for Marley to enter into a male restroom.

-          The manager’s communication at the onset was divisive. The manager said "Your ONLY option is to take her to the men's room, I'm DONE WITH YOU!" which the supervisor repeated to me about 3 times. When I asked could the supervisor, or, the server that was still standing there, wait by the restroom door, so that no one enters, if that was there concern, she abruptly interjected by saying "..I'm not going to inconvenience my FEMALE patrons while you’re in the restroom with your daughter.." there was no '..until the guest and her daughter exit..' option given.


In closing, the blatant disregard of my need to take my child to the bathroom is clear and evident in the video. CEC’s employee’s lack of direct and disrespectful communication with me as a parent and customer is consistent with the same corporate character that has neglected to constructively provide a solution for the last five months. By uploading a statement to and a video of our child on now being shared on Facebook prior to any open dialogue, CEC is demonstrating an unreasonable aggressive corporate culture that aims to ignore and discredit the rights and the experiences of our family. Marley still matters. My daughter still matters.

We look forward to our supporters continuing to push for the above demands and help us to remind CEC that a public apology for its employee’s behavior, instituting family restrooms, proper special needs community employee training and releasing the audio of the entire video is what really matters.


Mark Eschoe

The Eschoe Family